Omega Protein VP Talks Sustainable Business at VA Chamber Panel

2016 Energy Sustainability and Resiliency Conference with Monty Deihl

From left: Monty Deihl (Omega Protein), Katherine Williams (AREVA), Dennis Treacy (Smithfield Foundation), Vanessa Miler-Fels (Microsoft), Nina Butler (WestRock), and Matthew Cooper (PEG LLC) discuss sustainable business.

Monty Deihl Calls for Unified Effort to Protect Chesapeake Bay

Omega Protein Corporation
May 19, 2016

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. — May 19, 2016 —Speaking at the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s ‘2016 Energy, Sustainability and Resiliency Conference,’ Omega Protein Vice President of Operations Monty Deihl called on regional stakeholders to come together to protect the Chesapeake Bay.

At the Richmond forum last Tuesday, Mr. Deihl called the Chesapeake Bay the state’s “greatest resource” and “a huge economic engine,” and made the case for more cooperation between environmental organizations and individuals, commercial and recreational fishermen, and local businesses that rely on the Bay for their livelihoods.

“It’s hugely important for us all to work together, to get all the interests together,” Mr. Deihl said. “Today I see many people who care about the Bay, but far too often I see too much finger pointing.”

Mr. Deihl cited commercial fisheries, wastewater sewage treatments plants, and urban development as easy targets for criticism, but argued that such scapegoating misses the larger issue. He pointed out that the watershed feeding into the Chesapeake Bay is over 64,000 square miles and supports an estimated 18 million people, all of whom impact the Bay.

Mr. Deihl argued that Chesapeake Bay communities should work together to set a standard quality for the Bay, and then create goals for individual stakeholders to ensure that standard is met.

At the conference panel, which also included representatives from Microsoft, AREVA, WestRock, and PEG LLC, speakers explored how sustainable practices can benefit Virginia businesses, Mr. Deihl explained how Omega Protein has successfully made significant investments in eco-friendly operations. The Company created a “win-win” initiative by switching from crude oil to propane, reducing its sulfur emissions by orders of magnitude and improving its bottom-line in the process.

Mr. Deihl also gave advice for how businesses should respond to critics, saying that it is not always enough to have scientific evidence on your side. Instead, dealing with criticism requires reaching out to people and organizations and promoting transparency.

“You have to engage people,” Mr. Deihl said. “You’ve got to get your story out, particularly when you have a positive story like [Omega Protein does], with all the facts and the science and the history and the economic value that’s on our side.”

Mr. Deihl added that Omega Protein has produced literature to simplify and explain scientific findings, and opened the gates to its facility by inviting hundreds of stakeholders to see the Company’s operations for themselves.

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