Our Story

Powered by Passion

Omega Protein and our fishing partner, Ocean Harvesters, is powered by multigenerational employees who share a deep passion of sustainable fishing and producing exceptional quality ingredients. As a team, we believe that one of our biggest strengths is not only our company-wide commitment, but also our consistent innovative and sustainable mindset that will ensure another 100 years of supplying one of the world’s most important products.

Made to Sustain

For more than 100 years, our family at Omega Protein has delivered quality ingredients that improve the nutritional integrity of food, supplements and animal feed to allow consumers and their families to live healthier lives with better nutrition.

Lead by Science

Omega Protein provides the food and supplement industry with some of the most trusted, scientifically recognized, and innovative ingredients in the marketplace. We are the leading, vertically integrated producer in the United States of omega-3 rich fish oil, protein-rich specialty fishmeal and organic fish solubles.

Created for You

A recent study revealed ‘nutritional value’ as pet owners’ top pet food concern. Omega Protein provides companion animal manufacturers the perfect ingredients to improve protein quality and provide additional nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids to help improve health and performance.
Together, we create healthy products for a healthy world.TM


Calvin Monroe

Ocean Harvesters

  • Bosun
  • 36 years of service

“I’ve been a pilot, mate, and a shooter. I’ve done everything and I enjoy doing it. I love fishing. I’ve done it for so long and I just love it.”


Ashley Dawson

Omega Protein

  • Corporate Inside Sales Manager
  • 7 years of service

“While I’ve always had a passion for exceptional Customer Service, I’m especially glad that I can use that passion to help our customers produce healthy products for us and our pets. In just the first handful of years that I have been at Omega Protein, I have been presented with many opportunities for growth, not just within my position, but also knowledge beyond my scope of Customer Service. We take pride in having generations of families work at Omega and I’m fortunate to be a part of that.”


Julio Silva

Ocean Harvesters

  • Vessel Engineer
  • 8 years of service

“The best part of my job is that no matter how much you think you may know, you always learn something new every day.”


Michelle Plaver

Omega Protein

  • Project Engineer
  • 2 years of service

“The people here are fantastic. I also really enjoy being able to experience many different aspects of the company through the capital projects. I am always learning something new; it is great to see a project progress from concept to completion, and it is rewarding to realize how the work that I do adds value to Omega Protein.”


Michael Haynie

Ocean Harvesters

  • Captain and Net Mender
  • 47 years of service

“I’ve enjoyed my time at the company. I have been able to work with some good people over the years and get to do a job I have liked. Plus, I get to work close to home and not have to move to the city.”


Jeb Morgan

Ocean Harvesters

  • Captain
  • 28 years of service

“Working with fishermen is like being with family. Whether it’s on the boat or off the boat, they have your back. The best part of the job is the fishing.”


Carole Diggs

Ocean Harvesters

  • 2nd Generation Fisherman
  • 46 years of service

“I have been doing this for 46 years. I have 5 kids, I put 2 through college because of the fishing industry, and I have one son that is following in my footsteps.”


Michael Newton

Ocean Harvesters

  • 2nd Generation Fisherman
  • 8 years of service

“The best part about working here is you work hard for 7 months, but then you have 5 months to yourself to complete your personal goals.”


Omega Protein Throughout History


Haynie Brothers

The Haynie brothers of Reedville, Virginia started the Haynie Snow Company which Omega Protein first originated from.


Fish Meal Conversion

The Federal Bureau of Fisheries became interested in the conversion of menhaden remnants into fish meal to supplement hog diets and enlisted the help of the Reedville Oil and Guano Company, one of the largest menhaden fishing centers on the coast.


Fish Meal Added to Pig Diets

Farmers found a small amount of fish meal added to pig diets yielded heartier livestock and bigger profits.


Spotter Planes

Following World War II, several experienced pilots began spotting menhaden schools, and this process proved to be successful. In 1947, spotter planes were integrated into the Company’s fishing practices, increasing annual catches between 50 and 75 percent.


Hydraulic Power Introduced

Hydraulic power blocks were introduced, nylon seines replaced the natural fiber nets, and large fish pumps became standard equipment on most carrier vessels. Larger steel carrier vessels designed specifically for menhaden fishing began replacing the smaller and aging wooden-hulled vessels.


Atlantic Coast Monitoring

National Marine Fisheries Services began monitoring the biostatistical data of the menhaden fisheries on the Atlantic Coast. Since this time, all data is gathered each time nets hit the water to measure the health of the stock.


Set Time Cut in Half

Hydraulic power blocks came into wide use in menhaden fishing, reducing the thirty-man purse-boat crews and cutting the time taken to make a set in half. Refrigerated fish holds were introduced to the Gulf menhaden fleet.


Aluminum Boats

Aluminum purse boats began replacing wooden purse boats.


Gulf Coast Monitoring

National Marine Fisheries Services began monitoring the biostatistical data of the menhaden fisheries on the Gulf Coast.


Zapata Haynie Formed

Zapata Corporation offered Haynie Products $11 million forming Zapata Haynie Corporation.


Purchased SeaCoast Products

Zapata Protein purchased Seacoast Products, Inc. for $19 million acquiring Seacoast’s Cameron, Abbeville, Morgan City, and Moss Point plants as well as 27 fishing vessels, 26 spotter aircrafts and inventory. Previously Zapata Protein operated out of Reedville, Cameron, Dulac, and Moss Point.


Menhaden Fish Oil GRAS Approved

Menhaden Fish Oil becomes Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) approved for use in food and beverages.


Omega Protein Formed

Omega Protein Corporation was incorporated in Nevada as a wholly owned subsidiary of Zapata Corporation.



Omega Protein Corporation is no longer a wholly owned subsidiary of Zapata Corporation, becoming a publicly traded Company on the New York Stock Exchange: OME.


Health and Science Center

Omega Protein Corporation announced the completion of the Company’s Health and Science Center in Reedville, Virginia. HSc is the only fully-integrated fish oil processing facility in the United States and allows the Company to manufacture and refine menhaden oil.


Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea marked the first sustainable seafood certification for Omega Protein, years later Omega Protein achieved the highly regarded MSC certification.


Omega Protein acquired by Cooke Inc.

Omega Protein acquired by Cooke Inc. Cooke Inc. is a global seafood leader with fully-integrated facilities, product lines and distribution networks.


Menhaden vessels purchased by Ocean Harvesters


Omega Protein Achieves MSC Sustainability Certification

Omega Protein officially achieves certification against the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards. The MSC standard is considered perhaps the strictest and most reliable indicators of seafood sustainability. Omega Protein is required to follow the internationally recognized best practices for operating healthy, sustainable fisheries.