Jane B. Crowther − Senior Director, Refined Oils; Reedville, VA

How long have you been with the Company?

31 years

What inspired you to do what you do?

I grew up in a family that was highly focused on health. My father encouraged us to eat highly nutritious and natural foods and to be physically active on a daily basis. Our family members were all athletes – competitive swimmers, gymnasts, tennis players, dancers, equestrians, etc. This interest in health led me to my first position in the pharmaceutical sector in the Richmond area. I then moved to the Northern Neck of Virginia to marry and took a new position in R&D with Omega Protein. My interests quickly led to development and manufacturing of omega-3 rich oils for enhancing human and animal health.

What do you like about working for Omega Protein?

Omega Protein is at the strength of our communities and key to regional economic substance. For me, it is particularly heartening to be part of a company with a 100+ year history and one that is deeply revered by generations of employees and leaders. Through my years with Omega Protein, I have seen the company grow and embrace positive change while focusing on core values, organizational structure, new business opportunities, knowledge and entrepreneurial management.

Professional History

I am the Senior Director of Omega Protein’s Refined Oils team which includes the Health and Science Center in Reedville, VA and the Molecular Distillation Processing Center in Batavia, IL. I enjoy being involved with the Company’s ongoing worldwide omega-3 fatty acid research efforts. Prior to my employment with Omega Protein, I was a Chemist with the AH Robins/Lee Laboratories in the pharmaceutical sector.

Something interesting about me…

I grow Orchids for sharing with friends, family and staff in a small conservatory greenhouse attached to my home. Frequently, I donate the Orchids for charitable fundraising opportunities. I am also entrenched in community service, focusing currently on the YMCAs in our area. I donate monthly, support family memberships, volunteer time for fundraisers and am a volunteer certified Zumba instructor.