Animal Nutrition

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Animal Nutrition

As the leading source of menhaden fish oil and fish meal, we’re helping animal nutritionists around the world take advantage of the proven health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and the superior amino acid profile of fish protein.

We put our unique solutions, resources and expertise together with your ideas to add value and higher margin to feed products to meet the nutritional requirements for healthy pets, hearty livestock and abundant aquaculture.

We source exclusively from menhaden, an Omega-3 rich fish harvested in the federally-regulated waters along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Every step of the production process is controlled by our marine operations team—from company-owned fishing vessels, to manufacturing facilities, to concentration—Omega Protein ensures product integrity, consistent quality and complete traceability.

Omega Protein has developed a complete line of marine feed ingredients. Click on the product categories below to learn more.

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Better Nutrition begins with ingredients from Omega Protein. Omega Protein sees every species’ individual nutritional needs as an opportunity to help feed manufacturers develop optimal feed formulations.