2016 Omega Protein Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2016 Omega Protein Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Omega protein across america

Jake Haynie

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Omega protein across america

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Very proud of our colleagues at Cooke #Aquaculture for their incredible humanitarian efforts. #NBFlood2018 twitter.com/JoelHRichardso…


Contrary to Activist Claims, Omega Protein's Operations in Federal Waters Are Sustainable, Comply With Fisheries Regulations

REEDVILLE, VA, September 12, 2018 (ACCESSWIRE) - Over the past two weeks, activist groups, including Gotham Whale, the Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and Menhaden Defenders, have attacked Omega Protein's operations in federal ...

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Human Nutrition

How Omega 3 Fats May Improve Fertility

Time Magazine
October 18, 2016

Researchers say that a common fat found in fish like salmon, and plants like flaxseed, may play a role in boosting fertility.

Even if you’re not ...

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Animal Nutrition

New Report Finds Farmed Salmon has Lower Environmental Cost than Pork, Beef, Chicken

The Fish Site
October 13, 2016

CANADA - A detailed assessment of consumers’ most common protein choices shows salmon raised in the ocean have the lowest overall cost to the environment.
A ...

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